Make Your Own Cards

I love making handmade greeting cards.  I was looking for some fresh card ideas but when I did a search, I found very few ideas for handmade, embossed or stenciled cards.

That's why I started this card site.  I decided to make my homemade cards available to others like me who were having a hard time finding card ideas.

Card making has not only become a new art form but it is also a great hobby.  Making cards is so fun and easy to do.

I started out with a few pieces of paper and a couple of flower stencils.  I used scraps of yarn, old buttons and just about anything I could find around the house to use as embellishments.  It didn't take long to build up the supplies I have now, but be warned!  Card making is a very addictive hobby!

More and more people enjoy making their own cards. It can add a very personal touch when given to someone you love.  I know that when I get handmade cards it means a lot more to me than when I receive a store bought card.

Please enjoy my site and feel free to copy any of these handmade cards for your personal use.